Transferring Credentials

Steps for Transferring Credentials (Inter-Assembly Transfer)

Ministerial credentials (commission, license, ordination) are maintained by the state in which you were originally credentialed and are to be transferred to the state in which you are serving in ministry.

Use the form below to send your information to Ohio Ministries of the Church of God. You will receive a confirmation of the information by email that can be forwarded or mailed as needed to other entities.

Whether you are moving into the state of Ohio or are moving from Ohio to another state, it is your responsibility as a minister in the Church of God movement to take the initiative to transfer your credentials.  It’s easy to do this!

First, notify the credentials chairperson in the state or region you are leaving and request in writing a transfer of credentials to your new assembly.  The contact information for your state’s credential chair can be found in the current Church of God Yearbook.

Second, notify your new assembly credentials chairperson of your arrival and provide them with your new contact information.  Their contact information can also be found in the current Church of God Yearbook.

Third, any changes in your contact information, whether physical or email address, please log into your CHOG 24/7 account and update your information. If you do not have a CHOG 24/7 account, call 800 848-2464 and ask for customer service.

Failure to obtain an Inter-Assembly Transfer from your previous Assembly Credentials Chairperson could result in being omitted from the Church of God Yearbook.  It is critical that you contact your assembly credentials office immediately upon moving to complete your move/transfer process.  

Credentials Transfer Request

Use this form to formally file a request to transfer your credentials to/from Ohio Ministries.
  • New Church Information

    Information regarding the church you are moving to.
  • New Home Information

    Information regarding new address you are moving to.
  • Previous Information

    Information regarding the church you are moving from and your history of involvement.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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