The 120 Fellowship

The 120 Fellowship

  • What if 120 churches and pastors in the Church of God in Ohio began to pray and plan for 3000 new Christ-followers, baptized and engaged in discipleship, by Pentecost June 9, 2019? It’s a big God-sized dream but together it is possible!
  • What if the Holy Spirit honors those prayers and blows revival across our state in the same spirit of Acts 2?
  • What if you and your church were one of the 120?



How did we come to 120 churches reaching 3000 for Christ on Pentecost?

Read Acts 1 & 2 to discover the secrets of that first Fellowship of disciple-makers!

Want to be part of The 120 Fellowship?

Our goal is to register and resource 120 churches and their pastors for this challenge!

Sign up HERE OR download a commitment card, sign and send it to: Ohio Ministries, P O Box 276, Marengo OH 43334

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