Pulpit and Interim List

Pastors available for pulpit and interim supply.

updated 5-20-19

Name Ordained Licensed Interim Pulpit Home City District Home # Cell # E-mail
Addison, Carl O no yes Anderson, IN 570-380-5507 carl@evmonline.org
Adkins, (Curtis) Woody O yes yes Franklin OH SW 863-605-1339 curtis.adkins@warner.edu
Barrigar, Gil O yes yes Hamilton SW 513-373-6915 glbarrigar@juno.com
Bennett, Larry O yes yes Wilmington SW 937-382-7125 513-432-6182 crb001@cinci.rr.com
Betts, Sam O no yes Cadiz NE 740-942-8194 sambetts@frontier.com
Birch, John O yes yes Monroe SW 513-539-4668 513-594-5604 jbirch@cinci.rr.com
Bowen, Lloyd* O yes yes Anderson, IN 765-642-2770 765-274-3001 lloyd.vonda@gmail.com
Boyles, Matthew O yes yes Cincinnati SW 513-722-4435 mrboyles41@yahoo.com
Bryan, Barry Methodist O yes yes Springfield C 937-327-9438
Brechmacher, Retha O yes yes Tallmadge OH NE 234-678-8109 330-317-9478 rbrech55@hotmail.com
Burchett, James C. O yes Winter Haven FL 863-324-0400 678-468-6222 http://www.jesusisthesubject.org/
Burnett, Dave* O yes yes Ottawa Lake, MI NW 734-568-0820 517-755-0057 davejburnett1943@gmail.com
Burrell, Lisa O yes Sugarcreek, OH SE 330-602-7034
Carney, Steve O yes yes Brookville SW 937-689-9855 st.carney4@gmail.com
Conn, Jim Ft. Wayne, IN 989-330-0639 jrcsconn@yahoo.com
Cottrell, Chris* O yes yes Delaware C 740-990-9589 crosspointmediation@yahoo.com
Cramer, Marty* O no yes Columbus, OH C 937-309-6730 937-309-6730 martycramer@gmail.com
Crosby, Carl Wade O yes yes Fairfield SW 513-874-2519 513-505-1479 PASTORWADEC@aol.com
Crosswhite, Anita O yes yes Washington C.H. C 937-675-2549 937-620-5219
Crosthwaite, Woody O yes yes Springboro SW 937-262-4669 937-262-4669 woody@thewindstorm.org
Crupper, Robert O yes yes Florence, KY 859-525-8750 rrc@insightbb.com
Cuckler, Jim O yes yes Barberton, OH NE 330-671-1426 jcuckler@sbcglobal.net
Davy, Terry O yes yes Lima, OH NW 419-979-7412 twdavy@roadrunner.com
Dennis, Randy O no yes 301-370-5425 randyadennis@gmail.com
Dickinson, Jerry O yes no Glendale, AZ 623-847-0478 623-243-0128 revjerry2009@yahoo.com
Dolye, Vickie O yes yes Columbus, OH C 614-431-0427 614-395-8527 doylevm@aol.com
Ebner, Gwen O yes yes Bellefontaine C 419-306-2689 gwenebner@gmail.com
Eiland, Judy O no yes Youngstown NE 330-774-9501 jleiland1@att.net
Fitzwater, Richard O yes yes Springfield C 309-251-7424 rfitzh2o@frontier.com
Frame, Eugene (Gene)* O yes yes Germantown SW 937-855-3373 frameeug@yahoo.com
French, Dale E O no yes Hamilton SW 513-253-4461 drfrench@gmail.com
Fryer, Anthony O yes yes Cleveland NE 216-475-9213
Gardner, Thomas O yes yes Columbus C 614-834-9317 beegees6422@wowway.com
Garrett, Gordon J O yes yes Fairborn C 937-554-0451 gigarrett@gmail.com
Grubbs, Jerry O yes yes Anderson, IN 765-649-5314 jonathang@tabor.edu
Hall, Chris O yes yes Clayton C 937-231-3013 emailchrishall@yahoo.com
Hall, Lawrence** O yes yes Urbana C 740-485-1029 lhall@urbananazarene.org
Harmon, Cathy O yes yes Oberlin NE 304-276-8434 cathyelaine@live.com
Harris, David O yes yes Middletown SW 513-423-6672
Harris, Jo Ann* O yes yes Akron NE 330-867-5117 jharris556@aol.com
Hartmann, Karl Sr O yes yes Lancaster SE 740-653-9990 khartmann001@columbus.rr.com
Hartmann,Karl II O yes yes Lancaster SE 740-689-0757 740-215-2937 karlhh2@yahoo.com
Hedeen, Peter O yes yes Monroe, MI 618-335-0026 p_hedeen@yahoo.com
Hensinger, Steven O no yes Hilliard C 614-370-9094 slhensinger61@gmail.com
Hill, Ray O yes yes VanWert NW 419-605-5419 419-238-5625 rsrjhill1@adelphia.net
Holland, Brian Oct-18 yes yes Pickerington C 614-439-8481 614-439-8481 briank3@att.net
Houser, Ray O yes yes Shorewood, IL 726-271-7055 ray.houser@gmail.com
Hubbard, Charlene O no yes Springfield OH C 937- 408-2758 ckhubbard07@gmail.com
Jackson, Don O yes yes Brookville C 937-833-0212 937-689-4526 bluepride119@frontier.com
Johnson, Anthony O no yes Ravenna NE 216-387-1563 pastortony@acogod.org OR anthony5122@att.net
Jones, Charmaine O no yes Cleveland NE 216-431-0039 cjonescleveland@aol.com
Kaiser, Dottie* O yes yes Lima NW 419-222-1317 419-233-1880 Dotchuck@aol.com
Keadle, Greg O yes yes Xenia C 937-347-7074 keadle2911@att.net
Kempen, Sandy O yes yes Fredericktown SE 740-501-1355 None
Lee, Cynthia O yes yes Oakwood NE 440-232-0874 216-925-2227 cdlreporter@sbcglobal.net
Lias, Ray O yes yes Warren NE 330-821-9259
Long, Heather O yes no Rayland SE hlong444@yahoo.com
Mallernee, Bill O yes yes Xenia C 937-347-2928 preacherdad89@yahoo.com
Maxwell, Roy O yes yes Dayton SE/C 937-947-1212 Roy@themaxwells.net
Maxwell, Sharon O yes yes Dayton SE/C 937-974-1441 sharon@themaxwells.net
McCaw, Larry O yes no Matthews NC 704-708-4779
McConnell, Arnold (Mac) O yes yes Germantown SW 937-855-6341
McCowan, Dave O yes yes Trenton SW 513-988-5390 513-707-8422
McCulley, Paul* O yes Batavia SW 513-400-7419 pmcculley@cinci.rr.com
McNabb, Ronald O yes yes Columbus C 614-840-1692 614-795-0207 mcnabb.funeralhome@sbcglobal.net
Mill, Phil O yes yes Mendon NE 419-203-9470 pjm0053@yahoo.com
Milthaler, Mike O yes yes Piqua C 937-418-1000 pastormilthaler@gmail.com
Mitchell, Cheryl O near home Peebles SW 937-587-2419 937-779-1665
Mitchell, Ron O yes yes Cincinnati SW 513-895-4459
Morgan, Jennifer no yes Monroe SW 513-479-5322 cityonahillrenovations@yahoo.com
Mosier, Michelle O yes yes Amelia SW 513-907-8590 513-907-8590 pastormosier@gmail.com
Mullins, Harry O yes yes SE
Myers, Carol O yes Middletown C 740-258-2416 Pastorcarol79@gmail.com
Newell, Eric O yes yes Middletown SE 513-424-3735 513-292-2056 newell128@yahoo.com
Norman, Laurene O yes yes Cleveland NE 440-826-0772 216-392-0866
Orr, Janet O yes yes Toledo NW 419-277-3376 revj.orr@gmail.com
Perrin, Kenneth O no yes Canton NE 330-956-4177 kbimmerman@yahoo.com
Rayle, Delores O yes yes Marion C 419-396-7036
Reynolds, Jerry* O yes yes Eaton SW 937-456-1479 937-533-3984 jarrrr@live.com
Roe, Rodney O no yes Hamilton SW 513-205-9575 513-205-9575 rroe@completemech.com
Schwieger, Ruben O no yes Anderson, IN 765-393-1571 765-610-6336 rj1433@att.net
Shouse, Josh O no yes Haviland OH NE 260-446-4751 joeshouse52@hotmail.com
Siafa, Thomas O no yes Kettering, OH C 937-776-6277 937-294-7383 tsiafa58@gmail.com
Smith, Tim O yes yes Greenville C 937-417-2886 ptsmith70@gmail.com
South, Jim O yes yes Tallmadge NE 330-296-9113 srcog_jks@email.com
Stewart, Nathan O yes yes Eaton C 614-451-8745 nathan.stewart@my.macu.edu
Swonger, Angie O yes yes Perrysburg NW (419) 343-2826 TASwonger88@att.net
Thomas, William O yes yes Cincinnati SW 513-891-8841 513-407-0876
Townsend, Jack O yes yes Laurelville SE 740-332-6669
Warner, Collett O yes yes Florida
White, Fabian O yes yes Bedford NE 216-681-9866 fabio9900@yahoo.com
Williams, Forrest* O yes yes Delaware C 740-881-6588 forrest@welcomehomeinn.com
Williams, Stanley no yes Canton NE 330-704-0374 stanley.williams7@gmail.com
Yauger, Ralph yes yes Centerville C 937-212-2679 ryauger@aol.com
* Has completed training for interim work
**Ecumenical pastor
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