Paraclete (Pastoral Development)

We, at Ohio Ministries, understand that ministry is often too big of a job to do alone, so we have implemented several platforms for pastors to hone their leadership capabilities, strengthen their sermons, better connect with each other, and guide their personal development.


Transformational Leadership Coaching Clusters

These clusters are led by mentor Pastors and meet monthly for two years. In addition to the monthly cluster meetings, this development program includes Super Cluster meetings at least twice per year.  These Super Cluster meetings feature established Christian speakers, writers and leaders that inform and inspire the coaching cluster participants.


Pastoral Leadership Skills Coaching

Ohio Ministries has partnered with an organization named Ministry Advantage to offer this new initiative. Former Director of Ministries, Dr. Randall Spence refers to this program as teaching the “things that we need to be successful in ministry but were not taught in Bible College or Seminary.” The curriculum includes such things as strategic planning, leading change, building volunteer teams, delegating, maturing the church financially, and others. For more information about the PLSC initiative, click here.


Coach Training Initiative

Sponsored by Church of God Ministries, this program is in partnership with CoachNet, International and provides pastors with the training and development of crucial skill sets in life and ministry coaching. It is our hope to utilize some of the graduates of the CTI process in ongoing coaching relationships.


One-on-One Coaching

For a variety of reasons, a pastor may benefit from the personal guidance of a mentor to address unique ministry needs.  Ohio Ministries helps pair up interested ministers with trained, experienced mentor/coaches that can provide short-term, personalized coaching.


 Coaches Reporting Form

To submit your coaching report, please submit the Ohio Ministries Coaching Session Report Form.


Micro Meet Ups

Micro meetups are not meant to be small gatherings in a Zoom window. Actually, they are meant to include dozens of pastors in a conversation. Micro meetups are designed to spark an ongoing conversation about why and how to’s of making biblical disciples. Read More

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