With joy and excitement, Ohio Ministries welcomes our new Associate State Pastor for Church Health, Rev. Demetrius Booker. Demetrius may be a new name for many of you, but he is one that has been found to be a powerful servant of the Lord throughout his ministry.


After Demetrius graduated from Azusa University he built a successful career in the food service industry while he and his wife, Doreen, raised their family of three beautiful daughters. During that time Demetrius served as an active layperson, then unpaid ministry staff, and then as a bi-vocational pastor, but always felt the call of God on his life to serve full-time. After earning his Masters degree from Southern California School of Ministry, Demetrius transitioned to full-time ministry serving in the local church and in state ministry.


Rev. Demetrius Booker is currently pastoring the Lighthouse Community Church of God in the Detroit, MI area. Having been there 19 years, he has labored long and successfully to turn the church around from the brink of death to life and vibrancy.  Additionally, Demetrius serves as Church Health Minister for our sister office, the Church of God in Michigan. In Michigan, Demetrius leads the multiplication initiatives as well as organizes and leads the church health and re-focusing efforts. Demetrius is well prepared to serve in Ohio as we focus on leadership development, multiplication, and church vitalization.


Demetrius and his wife, Doreen, are highly relational persons who are eager to get to know the leaders, pastors, and spouses in Ohio. When you meet them, you will know that you have a new friend in ministry and will agree that the Lord has prepared them for this season of ministry.


Brother Booker will be at the Spring Refresher on March 31 to be formally introduced. He will then complete his ministries in Michigan and be with us full-time in May. If you wish to send personal congratulations, words of welcome, and/or invitation to speak at your church, you may connect with Demetrius via email,

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  1. AWESOME!! 🙂

    • Eric McEvoy

      Thanks Niki,

      It is a pleasure to be here in Ohio. I am still learning the office and just saw this email. Love to connect more with you, please contact me via, … Blessings!

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