October Revival Columbus Area ~ Five Churches

posted 10-9-19
October Revival
Columbus Area ~ Five Churches

Faith Community | Columbus West | Hilltop | New Horizons | Kimberly Parkway
Pastors: Rob Watts | Steve Anthony | Adrian Powell | Iran Watson | Dave Lewis

Five churches participated in a Columbus area revival 5 nights and 5 locations in early October. The first night was well attended and we had a fantastic message from Pastor Rob Watts and Spirit-filled worship from the Faith was Praise Team. The service was Chaired by Pastor Iran Watson who also did an outstanding job of keeping the service flowing. I believe that we have already had an impact on all five of the churches involved!

The young man at the center asked for prayer for a friend as well as a newborn baby from New Horizons and Pastor Watson asked him to come forward to be prayed for in proxy. It was a highlight of the service.

We also had great fellowship following the service and new bonds were formed in all the churches.

Pastor Adrian D. Powell, Faith Community Church of God

*additional information the baby-as of 10-9-19 Baby was released from the hospital today. Here’s the information from Pastor Dave Lewis.
Hi all! PRAISE THE LORD! I had to share the good news about baby Joel. Just talked to his Mom. God worked a miracle!  Yesterday  everything looked bad, very ill, constant stopping of breathing and in ICU. Then late last night there was a dramatic shift! Fever went down, breathing improved dramatically, coughing better. So much better that they were sent home today. The Mom knows this was a result of prayer. It’s amazing.  I hope we can share this praise tonight at service.  God bless!
That is what can happen when God’s people come together and prayerfully expect the Lord to work.We’re looking forward to seeing more in the next few days of this Revival and I know we have all gained much from sense of unity and common purpose of all the churches.

More Photos for the revival services and fellowship

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