posted 7-29-2019

Church of God Ministries is excited to introduce you to the LifeGivers program.  LifeGivers is a tool to provide training for pastors, leaders, laypersons and all followers of Jesus designed to help them:

  • Connect in discipleship with other Church of God believers.

  • Ignite their individual passions and purposes.

  • Revitalize their local church.

LifeGivers offers affordable, practical six-session online courses designed to fit your schedule over a 12 week semester. Each course costs just $75 per student and will be filled with information and resources that will help you give life to others. 

Courses include a modified version of the Leadership Focus curriculum for those of you who are already ordained clergy; as well as 15 other elective topics, such as Leadership, Outreach, Pastoral Care, Worship, Cross-Cultural Missions, Women in Ministry , Church Turnaround, and Discipleship. Registration and a detailed list of classes are available now by clicking the button HERE.

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