Have you completed your Annual Registration?

To all ministers and church lay leaders, it’s that time of year again to register as a minister and or congregation. The importance of NON-registering can be detrimental to both individual and Church due to state and federal regulations.


Every year the I.R.S. requires Church of God Ministries to validate all credential clergy. The validation is a yearly process requiring updates. Please note: having your license or ordination no longer gets you on the approved I.R.S. list of certified clergy. Failure to register WILL impact your housing allowance and other tax-exempt status.

National Congregation

Every year the I.R.S. requires that the church register with Church of God ministries to be placed on the approved I.R.S., not-for-profit list. This list is reviewed when concerns of tax exempt status occur or when individual contributions are questioned.

State Congregation

Every five (5) years the Ohio Treasury department requires that the church registers as a not-for-profit corporation. Failure to register every five years will cause your church to be removed from the Ohio Business list and cause your church to suffer irreparable harm. Recently, one of our church’s fiduciary practices were questioned as far back as 2006. That is twelve (12) years of not being registered with the State of Ohio. This failure to register caused an attorney to question the legitimate decisions of the church’s board meetings, including those who were authorized to speak for the church. The church had to engage the services of a legal firm to help represent them as an authorized agent of their non-existing corporation.

All Pastors and Church Leaders, PLEASE review your current records and see if you have a state certificate that is active through this year. Also, please check to see if you are registered as a clergy or congregation by contacting Chog247 or calling 800 848-2464.When you register this year with Church of God Ministries,

New this year

Please note what district you minister in: Central, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest

This is IMPORTANT, handle your business or the lack thereof will handle you!

Any questions please call me.

State Associate Pastor
Church Health Minister
Ohio Ministries of the Church of God
(740) 747-2916
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