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First Church of God/Connection Point

1944 – 2019

Sunday, April 28th Connection Point celebrated 75 years as a Church of God meeting in Sidney, Ohio.  The celebration began with a breakfast. During this time, current members, previous staff, and past members spent time reminiscing and enjoying time looking through old directories and various pictures from the past and present.  Photo boards were displayed and divided into three time frames: The Early Years (1944-1984); The Later Years (1984-2014); The Present Years (2014-Present).


After breakfast the congregation met together for our Worship Celebration at 10:15am.  Pastor Kim Leach coordinated the mornings events which began with the recognition of Nancy Duncum.  Nancy was a teenager when her mother Beulah Gibson became instrumental in bringing the Church of God to Sidney, Ohio. The celebration included a chance for the congregants to learn about the past through three videos covering the history and present days of the church.  The congregants delighted in the greetings by Rev. Dr. Juanita Leonard – daughter of our 2nd Pastor; Pastor Tom South – who served in Sidney as Youth and Visitation Pastor; and Pastor Vern Allison who served the church as the 12th pastor.  The congregation enjoyed singing a few older hymns as well as praising God with our current Worship Band. Special music was shared by members and past members.  Andrea Hoover (daughter of Sharon Davis – wife of Pastor Ben Davis who served the church from 1985 until his passing in 2002) and her daughters shared a beautiful song. The Connect Kids’ Choir brought us into the present with a fun song before Pastor Alan Leach (the church’s current pastor) shared about Continuing the Legacy.


It was a wonderful day of celebrating the past, but more importantly looking forward to the future that God has for Connection Point Church of God in Sidney, Ohio.


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