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published 6-19-18 by Demetrius Booker

Mission Accomplished

New Vision – Dayton (2014-2018)
First Church – Wauseon (2015-2018)
Creston Community Church –  Creston (2016-2018)


Join Ohio Ministries in celebrating three of our local congregations and their courageous transformational journeys. Journeys in which Ohio Ministries provided coaching relationships, some lasting as long as four years. Transformative coaching relationships liberating and often empowering pastoral staff and leadership teams to be successful in 21st ministry.

New Vision – Dayton (2014-2018)

Many of you may be familiar with the journey of New Vision Church of God in the Dayton area. The congregation coming off a merger of two congregations, soon thereafter, went through a very dark period in their church history due to a moral failure. The congregation invited Ohio Ministries in to help bring healing and transformation. After a period of three years, the church began to experience a time of healing and restoration.

Determined not to let their “Candle Stick” go out, the church, led by their coach, Pastor Vaughn Bell (Triumph Church, Westerville) and dedicated lay leaders, began the process of discovery, reorganization and community relevancy. Last Fall, the church ratified Reverend Otis Jones as their new Lead Pastor to help them continue the progress and cultivate a missional mindset.


First Church – Wauseon (2015-2018)

In 2015, Pastor Paul Flores, a former Ohio Ministries governing board member, invited Ohio Ministries to First Church to help them create a new church life-cycle due to their stagnant growth, and complex governing board system that required eighty-nine (89) individuals to fill the various ministries in their church.

Pastor Alan Leach (Connection Point Church, Sidney) part of the consultation team and coach to both Pastor Paul and the leadership team, helped their by-laws committee create a single board governing model. As of today, First Church Wauseon is experiencing spiritual renewal, community presence and increased Sunday AM attendance. Leading this renewal is Pastor Mike Harmon.


Creston Community Church –  Creston (2016-2018)

In 2016, newly installed Pastor, Joshua D. Chaffin came to Ohio Ministries in search of ways Ohio Ministries could help him acquire the skills he needed to be a successful Pastor and help in transforming Creston Community Church (CCC) for the good. A consultation team of Dr. Esther Cottrell, Karson Collins and Demetrius Booker met in the Spring of 2016 to review the Six S’s that make or break a church: Staff, Space, Structure, Strategy, Systems and Spiritual State of the Church. After the results, the team developed a list of prescriptions or recommendations to help the congregation become relevant and transformational. Pastor Alan Leach was bought on towards the end of the covenant to help Joshua respond to the challenges of a growing congregation.

After the two year covenant with Creston Community Church, Josh is happy and healthier. The congregation has nearly doubled their Sunday AM attendance; increased their yearly revenue; added staff; created a welcome area, improved and increased their presence in the community!

If your congregation is in need of creating a new and healthy church life-cycle, contact our office for more details. We have a portfolio of strategic options to help get you moving.

Demetrius Booker
Author: Demetrius Booker

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