first copyJeremy Halstead, Youth Pastor of First Church of God in Eaton, OH, has published a book on Youth ministry,  B.R.M for Youth Workers

This book was written to be a tool for youth workers. You can read it from beginning to end, or just open it to any page, as there is no rhyme or reason to the order of the topics. As you read the pages be inspired to try something new, be educated with fresh information and ideas, and be equipped to implement what you have read immediately into your ministry.

Jeremy graduated from college with a degree in Specialized Ministries and an emphasis in Youth Ministry. Shortly aer entering full-time ministry, he realized that even though he had earned a degree, he was truly ill-equipped for the ministry that he was now serving in. Jeremy surmised that he could not be the only youth leader who felt this way, so nineteen years later he wrote this book based upon his ideas, experiences, stories, victories, and failures. e title of the book may sound a bit strange, but everyone uses the bathroom, and most people read while doing so—why not read about what you love and are involved in: youth ministry.

To Read an excerpt from B.R.M for Youth Workers click HERE. To see the official flier for the book click on his name below.

Jeremy Halstead

To order the book, contact your favorite bookseller or order directly
from the publisher via phone (541) 344-1528,
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You can also order from one of these popular retailers:

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