UNIFYING, Developing, and Multiplying Churches and Leaders.

In addition to the supportive services and programs Ohio Ministries offers to our pastors and churches, we also provide a range of services, programs, and activities for church members.

Please visit the following pages for church member resources:

Brotherhood Mutual

  • Church of God Ministries, Anderson IN-An organization that seeks to fulfill God’s mission in the world: To make disciples of all nations.

ChoG Logo

  • Healthy Growing Churches-HGC is a network of churches, organizations, pastors and leaders committed to the mission of expanding the Kingdom by transforming communities and the world through and for Christ.


  • Everence is a faith-based, member-owned, financial services organization that provides banking, insurance, investments, asset management and financial support.


  • ECFA-Enhancing trust, transparency and integrity in Christ-centered organizations nonprofits and churches through developing, maintaining accountability standards. Creative Giving Tools sheet