Credentialing Process

What to Expect From Our New Online Credentialing Process, also known as The Leadership Focus

This credentialing process is designed to last three years, broken into six six-month modules, each focusing on a core area of ministry and leadership development.

You will begin with the application process, where you will fill out a registration form on the Leadership Focus website. After your registration has been received, you will receive, via email, and application for Credentials from the Credentailing Coordinator. In this application process, you will also complete a number of assessments that will help you and your District Credentials Team understand your personal strengths as well as your ministry strengths.  The results from these assessments will be more fully discussed with you in upcoming modules. Once your application is received, you will be invited to meet with your District Credentials Team.  They are responsible for reviewing your application information and getting familiar with you and your call to ministry.  They determine when it is appropriate to commission, license, and ordain candidates in their district.  District Team approval is necessary to move into Module Two.

Following your completed application and meeting with your District Committee, you will be approved in the Leadership Focus website and you will be ready to enter your first online module, Competencies. In this module, you will be introduced to your first cluster, a group of candidates who will journey with you. Our hope is that this cluster will provide community, relationships, and support as you continue in your growth and development.

Each module will be hosted by a coach, who will lead you through guided webex training calls, designed to be an interactive teaching platform and allow for dynamic question and answer sessions.

You will be expected to participate in each call. You will also be expected to fulfill each module’s unique requirements, including reading assignments, responses to video resources, and additional evaluations designed to:

  • Provide your coach and Credentials Team an accurate picture of where you are in your ministry.
  • Provide you with a saved history at the end of your credentialing process from which you can view your own spiritual and ministerial growth, as well as apply what you have taken from each module as you write your final Life and Ministry Plan.

The six modules will focus on, in order:

Commencement, Competencies, Character, Confessions, Connectivity & Celebrations.

You will be expected to meet with your District Credentials Team after modules one, four, and six  to continue your progress towards credentialing.

Each Module has a fee associated with it that will cover coaching fees, the development of our unique resources, on-line hosting, and administrative costs. Each module must be paid in full before you can be assigned to a cluster. The fee schedule is below:

Module One: $275 (Additional Assessment Costs in this module, as well as background check costs are what make this module unique in price.)

Module Two through Module Six: $150 – over the course of 2 1⁄2 years = $750

The total cost for 3 years is $975 which is an investment of $32.50 a month.

Ohio Ministries encourages churches to show their support for credentials candidates in their congregations by providing assistance with these Module fees.  

Click here to begin the application process

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