Camp Marengo – Fall Work Days October 25-27, 2018

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Camp Marengo

Fall Work Days

Work Days are scheduled for Wednesday evening October 25th through Saturday, October 27, 2018.

Food and lodging are provided free of charge!!!

Please RSVP to bethanne@campmarengo.com to let her know you will be coming.

We need volunteers and donations.  Donations can be physical or monetary.  Please go HERE to give. (Choose GIVE TO CAMP MARENGO) We will be preparing the camp for winter and making some repairs on items and buildings throughout the camp.  If you can only pull weeds and pick up sticks, then come.  If you can help put on a roof, then come.  If you can use a broom and sweep, then come.  If you can put exhaust fans in a bathroom, then come.  You see, we need anyone who has a servant’s heart to help care for this amazing camp. God’s camp!!!


The following are a list of items we want to conquer during our Work Days:

  • Put away supplies in cabins
  • Put away mattresses
  • Clean and store trash barrels
  • Put new shingles on “E”1 cabin
  • Repair retaining wall at State Office
  • Grind stumps
  • Cut and stack firewood
  • Seal Crowder Hall Deck
  • Put away Pavilion curtains
  • Build shower doors in ballfield bathrooms
  • Put exhaust fans in ballfield bathrooms
  • Lock up and seal cabins

Please RSVP to bethanne@campmarengo.com to let her know you will be coming.

Thank you ahead of time for giving of your time!

Bethanne Martin
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