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Camp Marengo Celebration Day -September 21, 2019

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Vern Maddox – Former Camp Director and former State Pastor, welcomed everyone and told how people have given to the lives of God’s people thru camp.

Dan Betts – Former Camp Director shared the history of Camp Marengo.

Wade Melton – Former director served communion at the end of the service.

Esther Cottrell – State Pastor thanked the dreamers, builders, directors, staff, and all the volunteers throughout the camp history.

Katlyn Martin – Present Camp Director shared her enthusiasm for next year’s Camp.


Stories and Memories – Video

from Katlyn Martin

Our Camp Marengo Celebration Day was a day where folks from every generation of camp had the opportunity to spend time reminiscing about their days on the grounds and saying goodbye. We celebrated and worshiped with around 150 people and we praised God together for the beautiful memories that Camp Marengo grounds gave us over the years.

from Deb Peters

When I think of Camp Marengo, I think of a lot of things. I think of “Friendship Walk”, campfires, swimming, various activities, Chapel services, worshiping God, being in nature, friendship and building lots of memories…Read more

from Heather Bradley

Hi there, I am not able to come to the closing celebration for camp as i live out of state but I wrote down some thoughts. If you would like me to try and record this I will. Just let me know. 

My earliest memory of Camp Marengo is climbing on that big Maiden Lane bus alone, so scared of not knowing anyone, so afraid of what it would be like to be away from home for the first time, having no clue what this camp was going to be like or that I was meeting my second home for the first time.  I never missed a week after that. It was my time and my place. The place where I felt like I could reinvent myself every summer. As soon as I was old enough I volunteered every opportunity that I had. I lived at camp and visited home on the weekends to wash my laundry all through jr high and high school.  I learned to laugh at myself through mail call and not to throw up while carrying a slop bucket and to take full advantage of crash time!! My friends and I might have been single highhandedly responsible for a morning curfew as we would always wake at 4 am to get hot showers and sing in the bathrooms and then go back to bed. I think we were also responsible for future rules on cabin raids. Anyone remember the summer of the rooster alarm clock?  Yeah that was definitely not mine. Haha Who was it that squirted my face through the screens with a water gun one night and made me dream a raccoon was in the rafters peeing on me? Or the time my girls left the door open and we really did have a raccoon in the rafters!! I’ll never forget the thrilling fear of walking around the grounds in the dark because the devil worshipers from area E were bound to come get us. But I will also never forget being able to pour my heart out during those angsty teen years to people who really cared.  Camp was fun, it was free but it went so much further in that. It became a place where I felt safe to be real. It was a place of peace and quiet when my home was in turmoil. It was a place of non judgment for a child that grew up in a very judgmental environment. It was a place where I finally felt seen for who I was not who I was expected to be. It was my home. And then I got to be on staff. Wade and Lesa Melton, Terry Morgan, Greg Wallace and many more poured into a misfit group of college kids and showed us what it meant to be leaders.  They trusted us to be creative, tempered us when that creativity lost touch with reality, and loved us when we made stupid choices. Anyone remember my bright idea of harvesting clay from the creek for craft time? Ha ha I enlisted the guys to drag insanely heavy buckets of silt from creek up the hill and then let it settle for weeks. Needless to say it never settled enough for crafts so we did the next logical thing, had a massive mud fight. And Wade still loved us after that, after a bit of power washing of course!! I remember ending our days with the campers in bed as we set up a euchre game and fine tuned our appreciation for James Taylor.  Alyssa do you remember when we screen printed every single T-shirt for camp in Wades garage? Or our candy runs to Sams club? Anyone remember the great lice outbreak? We worked all night to keep those kids at camp and stop the spread!! Greg Keadle do you remember when we got to pick out a new guitar for Wade? It was such an amazing thing to raise money and see how easy it was to do because everyone loved Wade and appreciated the sacrifice we knew he made to bring his guitar out into the hot humid air night after night. We may have had our arguments, we may be spread across the US, but the bonds we formed back then allow us to reconnect in an instant. I will never hear “have you ever seen the rain” and think of CCR, it will always belong to Ed and Wade. 
I know the thought of change is hard. My hopes of my children finding my name immortalized on the wall in every cabin are long gone. The creek and the forest that made me feel so connected to the earth will not be the same, but the spirit and purpose of camp Marengo will live on. We need connections. Kids need connections. Please don’t ever stop giving kids of all ages a safe place to grow and make these connections!! These memories are some of the warmest of my life and I look forward to helping my children find their Camp Marengo as they get older. To say goodbye, I’d like to leave you with this parting thought. Madalina Catalina oop side a forty niner ogum bogum logum was her name what a shame! 
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