Our Purpose & Vision

Ohio Ministries is the centralized coordinating ministry serving Church of God congregations throughout Ohio. In order to best serve and empower our members, the direction of each individual congregation is left to the ministries of those congregations, and Ohio Ministries serves as a hub that connects churches with each other and important resources. Together with local pastors and laypersons, we provide a range of services, as well as specific guidance and other expertise that help our churches continue to grow and thrive. Ohio Ministries operates under the bylaws established by the Ohio General Assembly and is governed by a Board of Directors which is ratified by the General Assembly.

Our Vision

As members of the Church of God, we share a vision for the church with our affiliated congregations. We have summarized that vision in the following statement:

Together, we work to unify, develop, and multiply churches and leaders.

To fulfill this vision, we have adopted a comprehensive, three-fold approach that includes the following programs and supportive services:

  1. Leadership Development

    The first way in which we will accomplish our vision is by developing church leaders through the Transformational Leadership Coaching clusters. These clusters are led by mentor Pastors and meet monthly for two years. In addition to the monthly cluster meetings, this development program includes Super Cluster meetings at least twice per year. These Super Cluster meetings feature established Christian speakers, writers and leaders that inform and inspire the coaching cluster participants.

  2. Vitalization

    This second way in which we will accomplish our vision will be by helping congregations develop a plan of action for congregational turnaround and revitalization. This process is facilitated through Coaching Weekends led by the Coaching Team. For the purposes of follow-up and implementation, the congregation is assigned a congregational coach who is on site at least quarterly and as often as monthly, and who is available at other times for counsel in implementing the prescriptions in the coaching report. A personal coach can also be assigned to participating pastors as needed. Additionally, the pastor is required to take part in a coaching cluster, which is used as an accountability forum for personal and ministry growth.

  3. Church Multiplication

    The third way in which we will accomplish our vision will be by multiplying our churches. This effort will be led by the Church Planting Team which simply provides oversight and consistency to the church planting efforts of the Church of God in Ohio. Church planting will be a major thrust of Ohio Ministries in the next decade with the goal of fifty new churches in the next ten years. Some potential areas that are being considered for new plants:

    • Avon Lakes area of Cleveland
    • Delaware County in the Columbus area
    • South Dayton area
    • Northern Cincinnati area


Ohio Ministries of the Church of God

Our Identity

We are an association of churches in Ohio networking and laboring together to make Jesus the subject in our lives, our churches, and our communities.

Our Vision

To do whatever it takes to effectively share the good news of Jesus, both locally and globally, to the end that mature disciples are made, biblical leaders are identified, and nurtured, and healthy churches are established and multiplied.

Our Mission

Together, we work to unify, develop, and multiply churches and leaders.

Our Objectives

Believing that we are better together, we work in concert with churches and pastors to accomplish these shared objectives:

  • Develop and encourage leaders for ministry;
  • Promote, consult, and coach churches for transformation that empowers them to live out the call to make disciples and serve their communities;
  • Strategize, assess, train, and resource individuals and churches called to multiply.

Our Strategy

We rely on churches and their leaders to initiate grassroots strategies to fulfill our vision and employ our state ministries staff as a catalyst and a paraclete according to our shared objectives. We serve as a catalyst among leaders and churches to empower and accelerate the path toward reaching their God-given mission. We also serve as a paraclete to walk alongside leaders and churches to guide, coach, and encourage.

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