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On behalf of the Church of God (Anderson, IN), we welcome you to our site.  We seek to love and serve all people, beginning with those within our sphere of activity and influence, and that is the purpose of Ohio Ministries, to serve our affiliated congregations.


Our Purpose and Vision

Ohio Ministries is the centralized coordinating ministry serving Church of God congregations throughout Ohio. Together with local pastors and laypersons, we provide a range of services, as well as specific guidance and other expertise that help our churches continue to grow and thrive.

As members of the Church of God, we share a vision for the church with our affiliated congregations.  We have summarized that vision in the following statement:

“Together, we work to unify, develop, and multiply churches and leaders.”

To fulfill this vision, we have adopted a comprehensive, three-fold approach that includes Leadership, Development, Vitalization, and Church Multiplication.

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Our Staff

Our staff is dedicated to serving Ohio’s Church of God congregations and leaders. Their devoted work at Ohio Ministries allows each of them to love and serve all people within their sphere of activity and influence.

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Dr. Esther Cottrell, State Pastor and Director  esther@ohchog.org

Rev. Demetrius Booker, Associate State Pastor/Church Health demetrius@ohchog.org

Nancy Blankenship, Business Administrator nancy@ohchog.org

Vernon Maddox, Disaster Relief vgmaddox@frontier.com

Bethanne Martin, Business Development Manager bethanne@campmarengo.com

Kyna Shindle, Administrative Assistant office@ohchog.org

Michael Parks, Leadership Focus Administrator credentials@ohchog.org, Phone #(937)244-6258


Governing Board

The Governing Board of Ohio Ministries consists of representatives from each of the five Church of God districts in the State of Ohio and meets twice per year to prayerfully address Church of God news and needs from across the state.

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Ohio Ministries is located in Marengo, which is 45 minutes Northeast of Columbus, Ohio.

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The Ekklēsia Challenge

Ohio Ministries is committed to a comprehensive, three-fold approach that will challenge and equip Ohio’s churches for stepping up and stepping into their divine mission. Together, we work with church leaders to focus on three critical areas that will help churches unify, develop, and grow. We call this cooperative effort the Ekklēsia Challenge.

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About the Church of God

The Church of God (Anderson, Indiana) is a worldwide movement of people seeking to fulfill God’s desire for the church. We are committed to studying the Word of God and faithfully living it out. We are committed to being the body of Christ in spirit, word, and deed.

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