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Three Worlds European Mission Trip

Ohio Ministries is partnering with the Three Worlds Team to offer an opportunity to Ohio congregations and pastors to travel to Germany, the Netherlands and Italy to learn more about the Three Worlds ministry and paradigm. The Three Worlds Team, the regional missions arm of the Church of God in Europe and the Middle East,…

CBO logo 2015

Christ’s Birthday Observance 2015

The Advent season will soon be upon us. Since 1949, theChurch of God has celebrated this season by collectively focusing on the birth of Christ through shared devotions, prayers, and giving to the Christ’s Birthday Offering (CBO). Organized by The Christian Women Connection this offering blesses Church of God World Ministries by giving to programs…


Todd Henry Web Cast

The church is a place where we are constantly called to think creatively and yet, often that requires doing so under pressure. After years of ministry, it can sometimes feel as though the well of creativity has dried up. On Thursday, December 10th, Healthy Growing Churches invites you to be a part of a free webcast…

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