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Hopeland Church Launched Sept. 14!

Last Sunday 199 persons showed up at Hopeland Church to launch a new service in a new place with a vision to make Jesus famous in the Dayton, OH area. What began as an independent group of twelve persons with a burden to create a church culture and approach that would capture and retain the…


Pastor Bob Fry announces his run for Congress

Christ calls us each to be salt and light in our places of influence. One of our own pastors, Pastor Bob Fry of the Heritage Church of God in Maumee, last year came to the conviction that a way he could live out his faith as salt and light beyond the community he has served…

Bonnie Newell Publicity Photo

“One at a Time” by Our Own Dr. Bonnie Newell

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Bonnie Newell, our sister from Bridge Water Church in Hamilton, Ohio, has published a biography that is receiving excellent reviews. Dr. Newell’s biography, One at a Time: The Life of Roma Lee Courvisier, is best explained through Rev. Judy A. Hughes’ review: As I read One at a…

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